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Feature tracker: vote for/against features

These are "official" feature requests that have been submitted by the members of PlayChess. State submitted means that it is still unclear if this task will be implemented, whereas accepted means that the feature will come some day.

But in both cases you can influence the priority of the request (if or when it will be made available) with your vote. Please check the list of scheduled tasks and the list of done or declined tasks before entering a new task.

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Requests 1-25 of 119 (ordered by type)
Nr Title Click on the entries in this column Type Click on the entries in this column State Click on the entries in this column Votes From When
1 Thematics: take White or Black only submitted 0.6139 34 Sixty4 2004-01-21
2 Tournament preferences are not stored error accepted 0.7970 29 admin 2004-01-27
3 Preview of a pawn promotion doesn't work error submitted 0.5714 17 Dutchin 2004-02-07
4 Fix US/USA error. error submitted 0.4302 18 djpnola 2004-02-05
5 Fix Opera compatibility errors error submitted 0.6136 20 djpnola 2004-06-22
6 after game e-mail error submitted 0.3913 20 cccmember 2004-07-06
7 PGN Date tag shows incorrect date error submitted 0.0000 4 Charles Al… 2005-06-05
8 Fix HCL swiss tournament error submitted 1.1852 14 Gromnir 2007-01-03
9 Send a copy of email to the sender improve accepted -0.1930 13 golddim 2004-01-27
10 Thematics: Ruy Lopez - Archangelsk improve accepted -0.1818 14 Sixty4 2004-01-27
11 Statistics with automatic update improve accepted 0.4410 37 Concrete P… 2004-01-27
12 User-customizable game lists on homepage improve submitted 0.3873 37 djpnola 2004-01-21
13 Do not show again the game after resign improve submitted -0.5161 21 froilo 2004-01-21
14 Payments with credit card, different as PayPal improve submitted 0.6593 23 froilo 2004-01-21
15 save unusable promotions improve submitted -1.3962 26 richard 2004-01-21
16 Win-Loss statistics per class improve submitted 0.2647 32 hal1958 2004-01-21
17 Additional Piece Sets improve submitted -0.9589 17 ohfreak71 2004-01-21
18 Color notification when sending email improve submitted -1.1176 11 Ezechiel 2004-02-05
19 Allow automatic tournament entry based upon rating improve submitted -0.2703 9 shk 2004-02-05
20 Show player rating at the board improve submitted 0.7662 55 Faroe Bamsa 2004-02-13
21 A dynamic M-class tournament. improve submitted 0.5256 40 Faroe Bamsa 2004-02-19
22 Differentiate between games being played and not scheduled improve submitted -0.3881 15 Charles Al… 2004-03-20
23 Return the Forum link improve submitted 0.8247 46 djpnola 2004-03-24
24 Control on vaccation time improve submitted -0.8806 15 BlackPanth… 2004-06-10
25 Rating Statistics improve submitted 0.3919 18 schachsky 2004-10-02

Members should use this page to submit new feature requests. Please check if an entry for your feature request already exists. Duplicate requests will be deleted occassionally, their votes would then be lost.

All players should take their chance to influence PlayChess by voting for (or against) new features. Every player has only one vote per feature, but can change his/her vote later on.
Click on the title of the request to get to the voting page.

Hint. This page is observed very closely by the webmaster. If many players vote for a certain feature, its probability of implementation will rise accordingly. Equally important is the number of voters, because it signals that the feature is (at least) interesting for many. Nevertheless, high importance values do not guarantee a fast schedule or implementation of that feature at all.

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